I help people who feel stuck in their relationships – always stable, strong, and helpful but unable to get their needs met. You love your strength, but wondering if life is becoming too stressful and you’re unsure of how to make changes.

Maybe your sex life has gone stale, you feel like your partner doesn’t understand you or you’re just sick of having the same fight and having it not go anywhere. Maybe you’re struggling with navigating non-monogamy. Let’s work together and figure out how to steady the ship and add intimacy back to your relationship.

You had a chaotic childhood, or are overcoming an incident that through you for a loop. Sometimes people aren’t even aware what they experienced was traumatic. You might have symptoms like panic attacks, anxiety, binge eating – the list goes on. We can work together using a highly effective tool called EMDR to help you heal as fast as possible.

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In order to protect your confidentiality, please contact me by phone if you want to discuss sensitive information.