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Starting Your Search for a Therapist

Finding a therapist that works for you can be so difficult, so I’ve compiled some options here to help you in your search. Many people find their therapists by asking friends if they know of anybody in the area they’d recommend. That certainly helps narrow down who...

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What to do if you’re sick of being the rock for every body

You’re the one who always has to be okay. You’re the one everybody comes to for advice. You’re the one who’s strong and stoic. You want to be vulnerable, but you don’t know how. Maybe you used to not care whether anyone else felt safe, because you never did; maybe you...

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How to Heal from Trauma

For some people, trauma is a one-time event; for others, it can be an ongoing cycle of abuse. Regardless of the severity or frequency with which you experience trauma symptoms like nightmares, flashbacks and dissociation, it’s important to seek treatment for them. If...

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