Couples Therapy

I’m here to help if you’re sick of having the same fight, and want to build your compassion and passion for each other. I’m here if you’re worried about the future of your relationship and have lost trust for your partner. And, I’m here if you feel like you not longer connect in the same way and are looking for alternative ways to approach your relationship. I’m direct, empathic and no-bullshit. My goal is to make sure you and your partner change your communication with each other so that you both feel loved, heard, accepted and understood. My clients range from those who are skeptical of therapy to those who are well-versed in therapy and are looking for a new fit.

I tailor my approach to your unique needs, creative a collaborative and supportive environment. I often employ Emotionally Focused Therapy, backed by 30 years of empirical research and considered the most successful style of therapy for couples.

Let’s change it together.

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