Going or consulting a sex therapist is as normal as going to any other healthcare professional. If your leg breaks, you visit a leg specialist but if your sex life feels broken, you need to visit a sex therapist.

Here is what exactly sex therapists do in sex sessions.

What to anticipate in a sexual therapy session?

Sessions for sex therapy vary widely from person to person. They depend on the challenges and problems you wish to resolve as well as the queries you have.

You can go together as a pair or on your own. 

You will typically begin each session by outlining your sexual and romantic past. This aids your therapist in comprehending your current condition and the events and interactions that led you there. The important thing is, to be honest, therefore don’t be shy. Talking about sex can be challenging, but here is a private, safe environment where you can express yourself. Don’t worry if you initially find it challenging to put things into words; as you progress through sex therapy, you will also learn how to do so.

You will then discuss your motivation for attending sex therapy. Then you might begin discussing your objectives with the sex therapist.

Your therapist will assist you, in the beginning, to move in the correct direction once they have a clear understanding of where you are and where you want to be.

Any therapist you plan to speak with about your most private and vulnerable experiences must have a solid therapeutic alliance or professional rapport with you to feel comfortable doing so.

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