Relationship Therapy

When Should You Get Relationship Therapy?

Many people think that relationship counseling should only be sought when a divorce or separation is imminent. Relationship counseling should start as soon as the issues interfere with your daily life, or perhaps before you take a serious step in your relationship – like premarital counseling. Following are some indicators that you could gain from a consultation: 

  • You two struggle to communicate your sentiments to one another. You two frequently argue.
  • Your interactions are withdrawn, critical, or disrespectful.
  • Your regular life has been disturbed by a stressful event.
  • You and your partner struggle to agree on things. You’ve been the victim of abuse, addiction, or adultery
  • You desire a more solid partnership.

Keep in mind that there are no improper justifications for seeking relationship therapy. Even without immediately apparent issues, some newlywed couples begin treatment right away to establish a solid foundation and stop major issues from emerging. You can improve your family’s happiness by working with a counselor to strengthen your communication skills and build strong interpersonal skills.

Remember that it often takes a couple six years before they decide to go for treatment. This is a long time to let issues fester; it is now challenging to save problematic relationships. Instead, it’s preferable to identify issues early and contact a relationship therapist as soon as possible. We are available in various cities including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Calabasas, Brentwood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, San Diego, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Miami, Palm Beach, Jupiter etc.