Couples Counseling

What Successful Couples Know

Healthy relationships don’t just happen, as relationship specialists and couples counselors are also aware of. We have to construct them if we want to have anything worthwhile consciously.

The healthiest, happiest relationships recognize that difficulties are merely growing opportunities. When you actively work on your relationship, both will benefit from its success.

We are relationship experts and can show you how to have a fulfilling, safe, and enjoyable relationship.

Shoshana can assist you in feeling at ease, respected, and understood by one another. You’ll engage in “courageous discussions” that improve how you interact and communicate.

Why Do Couples Counseling Clients Pick Shoshana Polansky?

Finding a decent couples therapist in Los Angeles  can be difficult, and not all therapists are equal. Most professionals who provide couples counseling lack specific education and training in couples and family therapy, which can leave wary couples with unproductive or even harmful encounters.

I am a real relationship expert with years of expertise in evidence-based methods that help you foster connection, enhance communication, and advance as a couple.

Working with skilled marital and couples counseling in san Francisco and California including other cities Oakland, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Calabasas, Brentwood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, San Diego, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Miami, Palm Beach, Jupiter, etc. will help you reach the satisfying results you deserve if it’s time to work on your relationship.